Are You Right For The Product?

One mistake that many resellers make it to assume that ‘anyone can sell that’. It’s not always true. For example, if you have little computer experience and are somewhat fearful of computers, then products like the Nexis 100AP Autoprinter or a CD and DVD Publishing system may not be right for you.

If, on the other hand, you are a whizz on computers, love playing around with graphics and pictures and have experience burning your own CDs then becoming a reseller of these products could be a perfect fit.

Of course, in life, most people sit somewhere in between these two extremes. Are they the right equipment for you to sell. My first question is always, can you competently demonstrate the product to prospective customers.

It comes down to a level of confidence. If the customer feels confident in your demonstration of the product then they will also feel confident in the product. If bumble around and turn a short demo into a long mistake filled session, the customer will have no confidence in you, or the product.

As with all selling, knowledge and belief in the product is the number one requirement. If you cannot demonstrate those skills with something as straightforward as a CD and DVD Publishing system then you should look elsewhere to get your start as a reseller.

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